Get Paid to Crochet at Home: Money from Hobbies!

The idea of having the opportunity to get paid to crochet at home is enticing. When you’re crocheting, it can be one of the most relaxing forms of art that exist. It can also be a way for people who have too much downtime and want an outlet for their creativity and artistic talent or looking for ways to supplement their income in retirement with something that allows them to work from home.

It is possible to crochet at any age-although young children may need supervision until they learn the necessary skills.

Many beginners are intimidated by the idea because making money crocheting requires knowledge and experience in other art forms such as drawing or painting. This is true, but the art is not too difficult to master, and in time you will find that you have progressed to a skill level that will net you an income from your hobby.

Make a Plan Beforehand

The first thing to get paid to crochet at home is deciding how much money you want to make per hour of crocheting. Before you can become a full-time craftsman/woman, however, there are some prerequisites:

get paid to crochet at home

You need to be able to crochet items that people want. This means that your work must be pretty and well-made. You may think this means that all graph patterns are out since they don’t always come with those two qualities, but it doesn’t have to be true at all. You can “industrialize” your creation by hiring more employees as you acquire more clients, teach them how you can produce the ever-demanding items commissioned by clients.

Get inspiration from websites like Crochetville and Crochetpreneur.

Showcase Your Products

Showcase your product by creating samples and sell at lower prices first to your neighbors and family members to get paid to crochet at home. If you have any space left in your home, create a small booth where customers may see and buy items from you.

get paid to crochet at home

You can also go to local events and sell your favorite items to the people who attend. You can sell your products on the web or to various sales, direct sales, retail stores, online stores, and craft fairs.

There are possibilities you have things that you have actually made things just for the sake of making them if you crochet a lot. Offer them! Post them on Facebook to show your loved ones and give people the possibility to buy your work.

If there’s something you can make, like little blankets and simple beanies or baby clothing, individuals will purchase them. There’s a big market for handcrafted things, and it’s one of the much easier methods to earn money since you’re currently creating pieces.

Selling Your Crochet Arts

This can be one of the quickest methods to start making money. I know this may seem like a no-brainer, however offering your production can bring about some additional questions like, ‘Where Can I Sell My Products?’ or ‘Just How Much Can I Sell My Products For?’

Developing a cost and understanding point for your products is a vital part of the selling procedure. Let’s begin by taking a look at locations and methods you can sell your ended-up products.

There are many ways you can sell crocheted items. You can sell the finished products on the web or to various sales, direct sales, retail stores, online stores, and craft fairs. Find out below:

  • Word of Mouth. This can be one of the easiest ways to get some green. Take, for example, make a blanket and show it off to your good friends; you will rapidly see those good friends are now interested in your product.
  • Etsy. (Etsy is a great way to sell physical and patterned items. This is an online marketplace developed to help the crafter offer their items).
  • Sell your pattern on Ravelry or Patternfish. This is a tried and true method to get paid to crochet at home.
  • Instagram. This is a social networks outlet that is ideal for displaying your products and getting them sold.
  • Poshmark. There is a lot of fashionistas there.

get paid to crochet at home

  • Amazon Market Place. This is an online market that enables sellers to resell secondhand and new items.
  • Facebook Market. This is like an online garage sale. Post your products, call your cost, and see what offers.
  • Partner with local shops to potentially bring your crochet items. Make crochet book covers or coffee cozies and see if a regional company will carry and sell your products.
  • Local craft fairs. Talk to your local Chamber of Commerce to see what craft fairs remain in your area.

How Much Should I Sell it?

This can be difficult, and it’s usually based on a few things. You always want to consider the cost to develop the item for starters, and you want to consider your time. In addition, you wish to think about the expense included with selling the product. For example, Etsy charges a fee to publish and offer your styles, like regional craft fairs. They might charge for a table or cubicle rental. When pricing your crocheted products, these types of costs ought to also be considered.

If I were to sell my products, I would take the cost of supplies, plus my set wage. I would multiply this number by 2. i.e., Yarn expenses $5+$ 10 per hour incomes (presuming it takes 1 hour to produce) = $15 x 2= $30 for the product.

The main point here is to make something and then use it up for sale; see what occurs. You never know. Selling and developing may supply you with another stream of earnings.

Teach Others about Crocheting

You can teach others about your crocheting technique and skills to get paid to crochet at home. Usually, you can post information and your craft on social media sites such as Facebook. For instance, you may post a video of a fashion item that you crocheted. If interested in learning more about crochet, you can post a comment or like the video and ask for more information on how to crochet or where to buy supplies or other merchandise. This is a great way to generate traffic to your website and make money.

get paid to crochet at home

Another way to increase traffic to your website is to join an online group with common interests with other members who share the same interests as you do. Besides Facebook, I can think of platforms like Pinterest or Reddit, find the appropriate subreddit to learn from the other crochet enthusiasts, trade with them, or even evangelize your art and teaching so you can make money from it. Other ideas I can think of:

  • Online courses like Udemy
  • YouTube videos
  • Blogging platform
  • Fiverr Gigs

Write Books about Crocheting

If you are an expert in crocheting, then you can write different sets of books for beginners. This will also create a market reputation for you. Teaching specific techniques with proper guidelines can make your book attractive to any customer. It would be best if you also gave some colorful photographs and little tips for quick learning. It is not that you will sell it only in book shops. You can also make PDFs. This brings a new horizon to earning prospects. You can sell these PDFs to Amazon, Etsy, or on your own website.

Be a pattern tester

You can be an expert advisor to bloggers or designers in guiding different patterns of crafts. A good number of people search for expert advice for the error-free pattern. You may find this type of job in big companies too. This is a kind of consultancy job for a more positive output. It is also a way where you gather more experience with money. You will get to know more about different patterns and techniques. Importantly, you come in touch with different sets of ideologies in crocheting.

Open Your Online Shop

This is probably the smartest way to expand your own business. You can promote your business to a bigger audience and reach a whole set of loyal customers. Also, there will be an online payment system for this. So, there is no big hassle in your business. You can get more ideas on Wolplein about this. It is a complete platform for knit and crochet businesses to grow big.

get paid to crochet at home

Nowadays, people prefer purchasing online. It is quick and gets your business a perfect boost for the future. It is a platform where you can reach customers from all over the globe. You may create more impact beyond the borders of your own community.


Crocheting can be a fun idea to make money, especially if you’re passionate about it and have no problem breathing needles and yarn every day. Remember to scale your production capacity when the demand is multiplied. Then at this point, you are really have become a Crochetpreneur!


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