Selling Candles on Etsy: 5-Figure Business You Can Replicate

Looking for a low-cost way to make some extra money? Selling candles on Etsy may be the solution. Many sellers can create a 5-figure business only by selling candles. It’s not easy but possible with this step-by-step, proven tutorial how to selling candles on Etsy.

First thing first, let’s go through each of the components.

How Can You Use Etsy to Sell Your Homemade Candles?

The creator designed Etsy to allow people to buy and sell handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies. It has an enormous global following and is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for handmade goods and vintage items. To many, Etsy is the platform to go for work-from-home opportunities and small businesses.

People can list their products on their websites and sell them to anyone in the world. Item listings are free, and you are only getting billed when you sell an item. Their specialist and sellers handbook are there as well to help you. They have plenty of tools to get your start, promote and sell your first item. In all, it’s perfect for a starting business or side hustle before getting your knee-deep.

How Can You Craft Your Homemade Candles to Selling Candles on Etsy?

Selling Candles on Etsy

Candles are easy to create with an inexpensive setup cost. You only need paraffin or soy wax flakes, scented oils, candle wicks, bottles, optional candle dye, labels, and a couple of equipment to double boil the ingredients to make a perfect aromatherapy candle.

The secret recipe, how you mix the scented oils just like Coca-Cola and other million-dollar businesses, is, of course, up to you. The devil is in the details. You can create a special edition for ocassions e.g Halloween, Christmas or Star Wars special scent and even celebrity signature scent. The possibilities are endless, that’s the most interesting aspect of entrepreneurship!

What are the Best Tips to Selling Candles on Etsy?

We reached a seller who made a whopping $9,200 in her first fourth month selling candles on Etsy, and she was giving solid tips to create a dynamic 5-figure business.

Selling Candles on Etsy

Start from the end in mind.

What is your goal? Are you planning to create a brick-and-mortar physical store, having stockists nationwide selling your items, or do you want an additional source of money to make you go by? With this in mind, you can approximate the passion and efforts needed to make it happen.

Get your inventory management going.

This is including your funds to start. How many piece of candles do you think you can supply? What is your stock to keep with the demand and manage the inventory so you’re not wasting any raw material? The author in the link even made an IndieGogo campaign to kickstart her online Etsy store.

Think marketing from early on

It would help if you created brand awareness and customer relationships. How you can market your candles, from what angle, what marketing equipments do you need? Maybe you need to hire professional photographers and package designers. Think of social media promotion and SEO, especially for Etsy listing.

Use all available tools Etsy provides

Etsy ads, listing visibility, product pictures, titles and tags, SEO strategy for Google searchers, those are in your arsenal. Use them whenever you can and constantly review them in your stats/dashboard. Don’tDon’t forget to give a small discount for bulk orders. Your customers will love it!

Check for the hidden and sunk cost.

Shipping and handling costs could not be like what they seem, also for packaging and material depreciating cost when you keep them for so long in your inventory. Take this cost into account when deciding your candle’s price to avoid burnout.

Don’t forget to cover your back

Setup an LLC and insurance because you will never know what it will be going to turn. When you have LLC, you separating your money and the company. This is useful when things are going south. You don’t have to cover the liability with your net worth.

Enjoy the process

It could take months before you see your first sale and years before your business accepts a stronghold with its leg. Your endeavor will consume a lot of trials and errors before you take the next step. Consistency is the key. Keep testing, take good notes and keep learning.

What Are Other Alternatives in Selling Candles on Etsy?

Selling Candles on Etsy

Some sellers have more luck selling on other platforms than Etsy. This is maybe the case, but try not to jump from one platform to another before declaring it doesn’t work. Things need more time to optimize, and you will risk them into moot if not fully utilized.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon backs the platform for homemade goods. Some sellers reported better sales here because it has better access to Amazon’s buyers.


You are on your own in the search engine wilderness by choosing this option. But also, you will have greater control and flexibility over your platform. Some say, don’t build a house over someone else’s land. This is your option. You can have a cheaper Shopify extension for Facebook for only $9 (Shopify Lite) instead of $29 when you set up your store on them. This is a better way if you already have a large audience. Or else you will need to spend a great deal of effort driving traffic.

Facebook Marketplace and Direct Selling

This one is like selling door to door. You don’t have any obligation or cost to the platformer, and this is also you’re on your own. Check for any available promotion option you can use to increase exposure. Depend on your strategy. This can be a smart way to start and test the water. Sell them first to your friends and then expand.

 To Wrap it Up

Etsy is a website where people can sell handmade goods. It is a platform for sellers. Sellers can create their own items and sell them on Etsy. They also offer a wide variety of items for sale. Sellers only billed when their item sells.

The said seller sells handmade goods from her Etsy store for some time and making a 5-figure income. Her favorite product is her homemade candles. She has been selling on Etsy for a year, and she’s done well. She loves that she can create items at home and then sell them on the platform.

Selling handmade goods on Etsy can be a profitable business for people who are creative. There are many sellers on Etsy, but this platform is still an excellent place to get started. Etsy gives sellers the ability to create an item and list it for sale on their website.


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