Side Hustles For Women: Making Money in Your Bathrobe

We have all have that billing slip we need to juggle and pay. It’s even more complicated for women. We have to tend to kids and partners. That leaves us with very little time or energy for anything not accounting for the office. But could it be that we are underestimating ourselves?

The hustle requires a plan, but it can be as simple as mastering a new craft, teaching your skills to others, or finding online gigs. The million-dollar question, of course, where and how can I do all of that? How can I find spare time to make it work? How would I know it will not waste my time?

We understand how you feel. We try to lay out our plan as detailed as possible so your effort won’t get wasted. Also, we aim this guide for international moms and women to list the direction that the principle can apply everywhere. Would you mind sharing if you find this guide is helpful for the needy out there?

Hustle equals opportunity.

People that put in the effort are the ones that will have the ability to put a little extra money in their pocket.

Finding a side hustle as a woman might be much easier than you think.

Side hustles for women can range from all sorts of classifications and ventures. While this list below is an exceptional resource, it’s most likely that a few of the concepts listed below may trigger some original ideas that you might have to discover an even much better profitable opportunity.

List Out Your Potentials

This step can’t be dismissed. With proper planning, your journey will be smoother along the way.

Ask yourself, what are you’re good at currently:

  • Cooking?
  • Teaching?
  • Gardening?
  • Writing?
  • Or even… Coding?

You can translate all of them into handsome money. Even when you feel like you don’t have any specialization, you can always be a virtual assistant or online organizer/planner. Also, it doesn’t have to be professionally sound. As long as you have a passion for it, you won’t feel like hustling.

Remember, pick anything you love and can stand up to eight hours/day only!

Find an Outlet to Channel Your Passion

side hustles for women

Let say you’re into crocheting. You can do one of the following:

  • List your art in Facebook Marketplace
  • Sell your work in Etsy or a local online marketplace
  • Start a YouTube channel or a blog to show the world your art
  • Instagram or TikTok influencer

Or, if you don’t feel like producing something tangible and prefer consultation or teaching, you can make one of the lists:

  • Offer your service via Zoom or Gmeet. You can have a Fiverr gig for this
  • Offer child care or adult care via online
  • Cleaning and laundry service

If you prefer micro-tasks or reward programs, you can check one of these:

  • Taking online surveys like Swagbucks or Pinecone Research
  • Do small tasks for cash in Mturk or Microworkers

Do you like to sell something?

  • How about catering?
  • Selling used items/Arbitrage
  • Lemonade or hotdogs stand
  • Affiliate marketing, selling other people’s product
  • Selling used fashion in Poshmark
  • Flea market selling

How to Market Your Product/Service to the World?

side hustles for women

look for low competition and high demand market

Whatever you are selling, you’ll need a way to promote it. The best way is to market your service/product in low competition and high demand market. To do this, you will need to research, regardless of the platform you will be using.

For example, you will be using Google for your laundry service. Then you will need to learn local SEO so your service can pop up when people are searching for laundry service in your area.

That one is instead a large area to cover, but don’t worry, we’ll cover them all in this blog on how to market your service/product in a low competition and high demand market.

Ask any free method you can get to obtain that initial boost.

In the beginning, you need to share your service/product with your nearest circle first. Be it Facebook or Instagram, post as many as you can (but don’t spam) to Facebook groups, Instagram posts, do following other influencers and comment on their post and like, start building followers one at a time.

At some point, your followers will grow organically; you can focus solely on your content/product/service.

Remember to post in the same niche as you. It will build networks and trust.

Try paid option for faster growth.

Using Facebook, Pinterest ads are not uncommon for brands strategy to get known by the market. This is to build your audience faster and connect with them, so you can also evaluate what works and not. Paying influencers is also the norm for growth strategy. There are tools for every one of the strategies, which we will cover more and more in this blog.


It needs a little spark to start a fire. Find what makes you sparkle and add the right amount of fuel and air to it. It’s admittedly an art of itself. You’ll need dedication and determination to make it work. The good news is, your earning is uncapped, and your creativity is unlimited.


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