What Are Impressions On Fiverr? This is How You Land More Gigs

Become a freelance worker is one of the ways to earn money during the pandemic. Freelance worker’s demand is increasing nowadays. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Legiit are websites where freelance workers and clients meet. Fiverr is one of the best websites for freelance workers right now. They must build a good impression there to get more projects, which means, in other words, to get more money. So, the question is, what are impressions on Fiverr?

An impression is one of the most important things to get a job. You must make an excellent first impression on your future employer or client so that they will hire you. Keep in mind that no one wants to buy a great quality book with a ripped cover! Being an introvert is not an excuse because everyone can show an impression, even in a unique way. 

To surprise you, the term “impression” in the real world and website or marketing are different. Suppose impression in the real world means what other people do after they hear or see about you. It’s instead a bit different in Fiverr. Let’s dig “what are impressions on Fiverr?”.

What are impressions on Fiverr?

Impressions on Fiverr is quite different from the term “impression” in the real world. Impressions on Fiverr means the number of times your gig appeared in search results seen by clients. If your profile is seen once, then you get one impression.

People are confused by the term “impressions” and “view” on Fiverr. These three terms are different. View means how many times do Fiverr users view your gig. The goal to separate these two terms is to help you to know the traffic on your gig. When someone clicks your gig from social media like Twitter thus, it is counted as a view.

If you think about it, the explanation has a solid connection to SEO knowledge and practice. The top left corner or the top of the search page result has the highest click. Additionally, not to mention it increases its impressions.

The more impressions you get means, the higher chance that you will get a job or project from Fiverr, so try to increase your impressions first. 

However, high impressions don’t mean you will get high orders. Impressions and orders are measured separately in Fiverr statistics. The conversion rate is a statistic to see whether people just come to look or look and order.

The challenge is, you must build it from scratch, while the most challenging part is being consistent with increasing your impressions.

Why impressions are essential on Fiverr

  • It’s your reputation.

Much like google, Fiverr has its search engine for both clients and freelance workers. For example, the picture below is one of the personal experiences of Fiverr users in the search engine. The top left corner has the highest chance of clicking the client if they type the design logo in the search engine.

what are impressions on fiverr

(if you type logo design in the search engine, source: https://notamartwork.com/what-are-impressions-on-fiverr/)

For example, if you type the design logo as a seller in the picture above, you will get 167,548 services to choose from. If your gig is seen, you will get impressions. As you can see above, all of the top results get 5-stars reviews which reflect their reputation.

The more impressions in your gig, the better because your impressions will be your self-image or reputation in the client’s eyes. In a simple comparison, you can see whether a restaurant serves delicious food or not based on its queue or how many customers are there.

  • Increasing your chance to get an order

The more impressions you get, the more chance that the future client will click at your gig. On the other hand, it is up to the client whether to hire you or not.

Why the more impressions you get, the higher chance for you to get an order? To put an answer, who wants to browse 167,548 services and click it from the top to the bottom of results? It takes time, and no one wants to do it. 

The top of the results in the Fiverr search page means the gig has a big reputation, and the client can trust the gig at the top rather than the bottom of the results, which usually consist of newbies or bad workers.

How to increase your impressions on Fiverr?

So, now we know the importance of impressions on Fiverr. Therefore, people will ask how to increase impressions on Fiverr! This section is the most important for newbies who want to climb to the top of the search engine result and build their reputation. Here are the tips to get higher impressions!

  • Create multiple gigs

More gigs mean more chances to get an order. But don’t forget to put different skills and descriptions on your multiple gigs! It will also increase the conversion rate. Only one gig is not enough.

  • Design your gig professionally

Your gig will be your first impression to the client, so you must design your gig professionally, like adding a Fiverr’s thumbnail and fill the gig’s description with solid keywords.

  • Respond fast!

It’s just like when you chat with a person or seller to buy something in the online store. The faster the response, the happier you are. Also, don’t cancel the order!

  • Use the right keywords in your profile and gigs.

Keywords choosing is one of the most important elements in SEO, so you must attract clients by making a good keyword density and placing strong keywords at your title and first paragraph of the gig.

  • Promotion

Don’t rely on Fiverr alone. Use your social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Tiktok, etc., to promote your gig.

  • Don’t let the profile photo empty.

The client would trust a real person rather than an anonymous person.

  • Make an introduction video.

A good marketing video or introduction video is the best way to get an impression and get a new client.

  • Stays online longer

The client will only rely more on someone who is often online rather than offline or difficult to contact.

How to use the Fiverr forum to gain more impressions?

People are complaining in the forum for following the rules above, but still no results.

The hardest part is for newbies who have no connections, no impressions, and no skill in Fiverr.

One last resort to try is to be active in the Fiverr forum. These are reasons why you should engage in the discussion.

  • Look at the best sellers.

If you try to look in the Fiverr forum, you can see the review of many Fiverr users. You can learn from them by look at their profile picture, description, weaknesses, etc. 

  • Promote yourself through sharing what you know

You can promote yourself by sharing what you know in the forum. Your explanation may attract buyers/clients if they are interested enough. 

  • Learn through discussion

You can discuss many things in the forum with the other seller or maybe your potential client in the future without realizing it. From the discussion, you can use the information from the panel to learn more from other sellers. Additionally, you can learn to communicate with clients, maintain your composure if someone contradicts you, and hone your problem-solving skills through debate in the forum.

  • More connections, more opportunity

You can befriend one of the sellers in the forum if you have a good impression and attitude. There is a chance they might refer you to your future client. More connection means more ways to get fortunes.

Do not do this in Fiverr’s forum!

Fiverr’s forum is unique because you can use it as a last resort to increase impressions, but don’t ever do these in any conditions. If you do this, instead of growing impressions, you might get banned forever from Fiverr or can’t do a freelance job anymore due to a bad reputation.

  • Sad stories

You will look like a beggar instead of a worker if you ask for pity in the forum. Let’s compete through competencies rather than a sob story.

  • Plan a trickery or scam

Honesty is expensive these days. Once you lose someone’s trust, it is hard to get it back, so be professional and value honesty.


Fiverr is like the real-world simulation of the real world because you must make a good impression to get a job or project. To be precise, to be successful.

Getting high impressions on Fiverr is no dream if you are good at marketing, self-branding, and SEO!

Building impressions and reputations are like building a sandcastle. It is hard to make but easy to be destroyed.



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